Single zipline or twin zipline?

Experience one or both zipline adventures through two different experiences at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.

Eco Adventure Tour Ziplines

Forest zipline on Eco Adventure Tour

Eco Tour: 330 ft. Forest zipline

The 3 hour guided tour is both an interpretive/educational experience as well as exciting physical activity. Adventurers get a kick out of venturing across a 420 ft. suspension bridge, then walk up into the treetop canopy across 10” wide airborne walkways strung between a web of platform decks. In addition to learning about the area’s unique ecosystem, you’ll descend into the labyrinth of caves/ caverns/ crevasses exploring the history of the Petun tribe and the geology of the Escarpment.

Experience two single “freefall” zipline rides:

  • 300 ft. zipline through forest (45 ft. vertical drop / 14 meters)
  • 1000 ft. zipline across escarpment (150 ft. vertical drop/ 100 meters)
1000 ft. Escarpment zipline

Eco Tour: 1000 ft. Escarpment zipline

In both, a zipline operator manually uses a counterweight rope apparatus to slow you down at the end of the ride.

The escarpment zipline ends beside the Eco cabin and Parking Lot 2 where you began the tour.

Eco Adventurers may experience the Thunderbird Twin Zipline in addition to the tour.  Advise the staff at check in and purchase a ticket (reduced rate for Eco guests). Either before or after your tour, from the Eco cabin hike past the main entrance, taking the upper trail above the caves/caverns to the Thunderbird Tower.

+ View more information on Eco Adventure Tours (as well as age/height/weight restrictions, etc.)

Thunderbird Twin Ziplines

Thunderbird Zipline Demonstration

Demo training session at Thunderbird Twin Zipline

Thunderbird Twin Zipline Tower

Thunderbird Twin Zipline Tower

Canada’s longest twin zipline at Scenic Caves is 2550 feet long.  It is located in the interior of the property and is therefore not a ‘stand alone’ activity. If you wish to go directly to the Twin Zipline, hike above the caves/caverns trails up to the top of the escarpment where you reach the Thunderbird tower.  However we recommend you explore the caves/caverns/crevasses first, then make your way to the Thunderbird Tower.

After signing a waiver and completing the training and demo experience you walk up a 50 ft. circular staircase to the take-off point. You clutch a wooden dowel handlebar which places the speed control in your hands: when held upwards you are in a stop position and when held down you go.  Your hands never touch the line. 

Thunderbird dual ziplinersTwo parallel lines run side by side down the valley. “Dynamically controlled” technology allows each rider to control their own speed.

At the end, you slow yourself down as you approach the bottom platform and operators use a spring breaking mechanism to stop you and release your equipment.

After removing your gear, you continue hiking along the Paradise Trail, over the Suspension Bridge and then back to the main entrance.

+ View more information on Thunderbird Twin Zipline (as well as age/height/weight restrictions, etc.)
+ View map of property (indicates where Thunderbird Twin Zipline is located

What is ziplining?

A zipline consists of a freely moving pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. The pulley is a wheel with a grooved rim known as a sheave and the wheel turns as it travels along.
Participants wear a harness with a carabiner that is attached to a trolley. 
Using the natural decline of the slope and along with the laws of gravity and inertia, the rider slides to the bottom.
Some ziplines, like the 1,000 ft. zipline uses pulley settings.

History of Ziplines

Ziplines using various materials have been used for centuries as a transportation method across canyons, rivers, waterfalls and mountains in countries such as China, Central Europe, South Asia, Australia, Mexico and South America. They continue to be used as an efficient way to receive and carry supplies in remote areas.

Inventive and entrepreneurial people began to see new opportunities for ziplines.

In 17th century England, Steeplejacks, high climbing people that maintained church spires, devised a quick way for them to reach the ground at the end of a long day. They would slide down a long angled line instead of climbing down.

In the early 1900’s as mountaineering was becoming popular, the Tyrolean traverse was invented. Climbers would use ziplines to cross crevasses, chasms, and canyons.

During the 1970’s and 80’s, wildlife biologists and scientists began organizing expeditions into the unexplored jungles of Central and South America. Tired of having to climb up into, and then down from the canopy on every different tree, they began to connect several trees with inclined traverses to make their research more efficient.

In recent times, ziplines have evolved and become more popular in the adventure tourism trade.  Ziplines are appealing to thrill seekers as outdoor recreational activities, now incorporated into rope course challenges and aerial adventure playgrounds.

The zip lines at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures are engineered, modern and safe.  They are not part of an endurance obstacle challenge course requiring physical trials. Our zip lines are pleasurable, exciting leisure-time adventures providing a unique perspective of nature.

Recommended Clothing for ZiplinesEscarpment Ziplining

  • Fully closed toed hiking/running shoes are imperative. Shoes must be securely attached to the foot.  Sandals, crocs, flip flops are not acceptable.
  • Helmets are mandatory and provided for zipliners. They are adjustable, but standard sizes.
  • Dangling jewelry or scarves are not advised. Long free flowing long hair must be tied back.

Weather restrictions for ziplines

The ziplines operate weather permitting.  Ziplines operate in the rain. They do not operate in thunderstorms, lightning, high winds or heavy cold rain.
Ziplines operate between May and October.

Zipline Safety at Scenic Caves

The ziplines have been professionally installed by zipline Zipline operatorscompanies and exceed industry standards.
All ziplines are regulated, inspected yearly and licensed by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority in the province of Ontario).
Scenic Caves zipline operators are trained at the beginning of the season. A health and safety officer from the company is appointed to ensure the highest standards of safety are met.
Each piece of equipment is inspected daily to ensure it is in proper working order.
Helmets are disinfected daily.


Ready to fly like a bird on a zipline?