Thunderbird Twin Zipline guy & girl take off

During the fall, the Thunderbird Twin Zipline operates Friday – Saturday – Sunday until October 14, 2018.

At 2550 feet in length with a vertical drop of 287 feet, Ontario’s longest twin zip ride span will have you screaming with excitement.  The Thunderbird Twin Zipline is an adrenaline-pumping half-mile thrill. You and a friend ride side-by-side using dynamically controllable technology allowing each rider to control their own zip speed. Riders can fly down at speeds of up to 60-70 km per hour!

Thunderbird Zipline Adventure

The Thunderbird Twin Zip Line Adventure is located in the centre of the park. To access it, you take the self-guided trail through the caves, caverns, crevices and lookouts.  Hike to the top of the trail where you reach the Thunderbird Tower.

Twin-Zipline-Demonstration-After your waiver is signed, staff outfit you with safety harness and helmet.  No gloves are needed because a handlebar mechanism is used.

The experience begins with a demonstration training session on the ground, allowing guests to practice a ‘test run’ with the equipment.

You walk 50 feet up a steel spiral staircase to the “Thunderbird Nest”. On 3 – 2 – 1, you are released from the safety gate to fly like a bird.

Thunderbird Twin Zip Line TowerZipline riders experience one of the best views in south Georgian Bay. Located in a UNESCO biosphere, the Thunderbird has been built atop the Niagara Escarpment.   On clear days, you will see 10,000 sq. km. views of Collingwood, Wasaga, even Christian Island and beyond. The ride is a kaleidoscope of passing scenery beginning above the treetops and soaring through a 200 year old forest. Breathtaking!

Guests ride side-by-side from the top of the Escarpment to the landing deck below, where operators assist your touchdown and disconnection.

The Twin Zip Line descends to the valley to the landing deck below, where operators assist your touchdown and disconnection.  You continue your hike along the Paradise Trail, and cross Southern Ontario’s longest 420 ft. Suspension Bridge.

Zipline Safety is a PriorityDynamically-controllable-tr

  • Designed and built by the world-renowned Zip Trek, it uses patented leading edge technology. Zip Trek builds the biggest ride spans in the world.
  • Skilled operators at the top and the bottom, train and oversee the safety of all participants.
  • Thunderbird Twin Zip Line is TSSA approved and monitored.
  • Operators are trained yearly by Maximum Arrest.
  • Equipment is checked daily by the Manager.

Zipline Construction

Construction was completed in July 2012. More than 80 truckloads of concrete were used to make the bases for the towers and bollards.  In addition, 65 truckloads of gravel and 60 tons of reinforcing steel were utilized.  It is checked yearly.

Legend of the ThunderbirdScenic Caves Nature Adventures Thunderbird Twin Zip Line logo

Thunderbird is a fitting title for our aerial adventure.  It ties in with the folklore of the First Nation’s Petun tribe which lived in the area in the 1600’s.

Legend has it that a mysterious enormous bird-like creature called the “Thunderbird” possessed legendary strength and had the special power of governing the weather. The name comes from the belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind, with bolts of lightning flashing from its eyes.

Key Stuff for Thunderbird Twin Zipline

  • Soar forwards or backwards on the Thunderbird Twin ZiplineRunning/hiking shoes are required (must be closed toe shoes).
  • Age/ Weight & Height Restrictions:
    Height & Weight restrictions: Height- minimum 4 feet) to maximum 6 foot 10 inches; Weight- minimum 50 lbs to a maximum 260 lbs.
    Age Restrictions: Riders must be at least 10 yrs. old. Youth ages 10-15 must zipline with an adult.

Twin Zipline Operating Schedule

  • Reservations are not required.
  • The Thunderbird Twin Zip Line operates 7 days a week during July + August.
  • During the spring (May-Jun) and the fall (Sept-Oct) it operates: Friday-Saturday-Sunday until October 14, 2018.
  • Twin Zip Line operates weather-permitting. For safety reasons,  it may be closed due to thunderstorms, heavy winds and rain.

For specific hours and dates: + View Hours of Operation

Thunderbird Twin Zipline Package PricesTBird-with-logo-(web)

Admission to Scenic Caves is required for entrance to the Thunderbird Twin Zipline. It is not available as a separate activity because it is located in the interior of the property.

Thunderbird Twin Zipline Package includes Park admission to caves and suspension bridge. Enjoy all-day access to the grounds where you can relax, picnic or feed the trout in the pond. On the weekends, hitch a ride on Rocky the train.  Also, partake in additionally priced activities such as mini-golf and gemstone mining.

Pricing including HST  (2018):
Adults (18+) $52.50
Senior (65+): $49.75
Youth (10-17) $49.75

Thunderbird Twin Zipline Package includes Park admission to caves and suspension bridge.

The Thunderbird Package may be purchased at the Main Entrance.

Or may be added to the Caves/Bridge Package for $25.00 at the Thunderbird Twin Zipline Cabin.

Eco Adventure tour guests may purchase additional Thunderbird Twin Zipline tickets at a discounted price of $15.00 at the Eco Office. Eco guests may ride the Twin Zipline either before or after their scheduled tour time.

Ready to soar like a Thunderbird?

Questions?  (705) 446-0256