For one of the most unique winter experiences, venture across a Suspension Bridge during the winter season.

Scenic Caves Nordic Centre’s iconic 420 ft. Suspension Bridge is the longest pedestrian bridge in southern Ontario. 

And it’s the only suspension bridge open year-round in Ontario (weather permitting).

Suspended high above the treetops, the bridge sits 25 meters above the valley floor.  As you cross it, you are rewarded by panoramic 10,000 sq. km. views of south Georgian Bay.

It’s a photo-worthy location for selfies, Go Pros, digital cameras or cell phones.

By day under a soft blanket of snow it is a serene and majestic pathway. Survey the sparkling winter landscape. Smell the freshness of the snow.Night snowshoe hike over bridge in winter

By night on a Guided Night Snowshoe Hike it transforms into magical monument. Be mesmerized by the twinkling lights of the ski hills and countryside which create this glowing, shimmering background.  

Thrilling Winter Bridge Crossing

During snow season, there are two ways to reach the Suspension Bridge.  From the main cabin, cross-country ski down to the Eco Adventure Cabin, take your skis off and walk down the Nature Trail to the bridge.

For the ultimate adventure, snowshoe down to it, then cross over and continue along the Paradise Trail. It’s the only suspension bridge in Ontario that you can cross on snowshoes.

Basic trail admission is required to access the bridge which is located in the lower portion of the property.

Bridge Safety

Family snowshoe over Suspension Bridge

Completed in 2003, the bridge has been designed and engineered for optimal safety by R.J. Burnside Engineering. All ages can enjoy its beauty.

Not only is it functional, it can be viewed as an artistic sculpture.  Before you cross it, take a moment to look up…the towers are 11.5 metres high.

The bridge has cables suspended between towers which are anchored at each end of the bridge.  The foundations which hold the anchors are set in 40-cubic metres of concrete. They’re 4 metres deep in the ground and weigh 118,000 kilograms.

The walkway is made of 3-metre-long, 8-cm. timber deck boards. The boards are bolted down with 25 bolts on each cross-beam. This amounts to 1008 metres of boards and 2125 bolts.

Words alone can’t describe the Bridge in WinterSuspension bridge in winter

Epic.  Elegant.  Impressive.  Breathtaking.  Amazing.  Spectacular.  These are just a few words visitors have used to describe the bridge in wintertime.  The 365 degree impression it makes must be experienced first-hand.

Take a winter walk across the Suspension Bridge…an adventure you’ll remember forever.