Treetop canopy walking, ziplining, a suspension bridge crossing and exploration of caves/caverns/crevasses make the Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is a natural learning experience like no other.

What makes the Eco Adventure Tour Unique?

Have you ever wanted to walk with the squirrels and fly like a bird?  On the Eco Adventure Tour, you explore the beauty and wildlife of the picturesque forest valley set in one of Canada’s eighteen designated UNESCO biosphere reserves as you become one with the habitat. Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides deliver interesting information about the history, geology and the unique ecology of the Niagara Escarpment.Circle group at Eco Adventure Tour

What does the Eco Adventure Tour include?

Your three-hour guided adventure begins with gear outfitting (all provided for you), an  introduction to your guides and your friendly ‘expedition group’.  A short hike to the 420 foot Suspension Bridge and you’re overlooking a breathtaking 10,000 square kilometre view of Collingwood and south Georgian Bay.  

Eco Adventure Tour crosses Suspension BridgeHopping on a tractor/wagon ride you view the flora & fauna of this remarkable ecosystem before your ascent. The treetop walk escorts you up into the canopy of 200 year-old trees at heights of up to 60 meters above the forest floor. The journey travels 600 meters across 10 inch wide bridges along a web of gently swaying airborne walkways linking sixteen trees.  Leaving the canopy you fly like a bird down on a 330 foot zipline through the forest back to terra firma.

You descend into a labyrinth of caves, caverns and crevasses carved 450 million years ago out of the Ice Age.  Walking the paths leading to the spiritual underworld you are enthralled by the legends of the Huron-Petun First Nation Indian peoples that inhabited the area centuries ago.  Soaking up the amazing views from Indian Council Chamber and Lookout Point, the grand finale is an exhilarating 1000 foot long zip line from the highest point of the Escarpment back to the Eco cabin b300 ft. Forest Zipline on Eco Adventure Tourelow.

The Eco Adventure Tour guarantees memories to last a lifetime.

Eco Adventure Tour Frequently Asked Questions

The tour of caves/caverns/crevasses includes most (but not all) of the caves. After the tour concludes, you’re invited to continue to explore the caves more thoroughly and squeeze through the infamous “Fat Man’s Misery” or peer down into the Refrigerator Cave. 1000 ft. Escarpment zipline on Eco Adventure Tour

There are height and weight restrictions. For your safety, we carefully follow the manufacturer’s equipment certification requirements.

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