Add a Twin Zipline ride and save $

The Thunderbird Twin Zipline is different from the Eco Adventure Tour.  Many adventurers like to add it to their visit.

Eco Adventure Tour includes two single ziplines

  • You walk up through the treetop canopy
  • Ride 330 ft. zipline through the forest
  • Explore of most of the caves/caverns
  • Finish with a 1000 ft. zipline from the Escarpment

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Triple your Zip!Tbird Twin Zip mobile 800x538

Ziplining for many adventurers is an exciting adrenaline rush. Once you’ve experienced it, you want to zip again…and again…and again. Triple your ZIP by experiencing the thrilling Thunderbird at Scenic Caves.

The Thunderbird at Scenic Caves is currently the longest twin zipline in Canada.  It’s a half-mile (2550 feet) long with a vertical drop of 287 feet.  You and a friend can ride side-by-side, each of you controlling your own speed.  (BTW – you can fly down at speeds of up to 70 km per hour).
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Note the Operating Schedule

  • Operating schedule for the Twin Zipline is seasonal (spring, summer, fall).  Please view the Hours of Operation, or talk to our staff.
  • Reservations are not required. You can add the Thunderbird when you arrive.

Before or after your Eco Tour?Thunderbird Twin Zip Line Platform

  • Either is possible, depending on your preference and your pace. Anticipate approximately one to two hours (whether before or after).
  • The Thunderbird Twin Zipline is located in the interior of the park.
  • Eco Tour guests park at the Eco Cabin (not the main entrance).  Whether you begin or end at the Eco Cabin, you’ll walk to the main entrance, then up the escarpment along the nature trails.  At the highest point of the Escarpment, the Twin Zipline flies down the valley.  Once you’ve landed, the Paradise Trail leads you back up to the Eco Cabin.  It’s one spectacular loop!
  • Some visitors like to experience the Twin Zipline after, because they want to spend the day wandering through some of the caves they weren’t able to visit on the Eco Tour (due to the gear), such as “Fat Man’s Misery”.
  • Others prefer to start with an adrenaline rush with a Twin Zipline, have a break… then experience the 3-hour guided Eco Tour.

Thunderbird Twin Zipline discount for Eco AdventurersScenic Caves Nature Adventures Thunderbird Twin Zip

  • Add a ride on the Thunderbird for just $10. Discount is based on purchase (before/after) of an Eco Adventure Tour.
  • Purchase a ticket at the Eco Cabin or at the Thunderbird Twin Zipline Cabin.
  • Age/height/weight restrictions for the Eco Tour are similar to the Thunderbird Twin Zipline!

Ready to zip?

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