There are 10 km of pristine dedicated snowshoe trails. 

They are rated by level of difficulty, length of trail and identified by colour.

Easy Snowshoe trails

Nature Trail (.5 km)
The flat terrain makes this trail perfect for beginners. The trail leads through a young forest of apple trees, crossing a few streams. The young trees provide an enchanting canopy cover to shelter hikers from the winter winds.  Look up and you’ll see the rock face of Lookout Point.

Moderate Snowshoe trails

Lookout Trail (1.5 km)
Lookout Trail offers one of the steepest uphill climbs, leading up the Niagara Escarpment to the panoramic views of Lookout Point. During weekends and holidays, the Warm Up Hut is located at the top of the trail, next to the Thunderbird Twin Zipline tower. (The ziplines do not operate in the winter.) This trail provides access to the Wild West trail.

Suspension Bridge Trail (1 km)
Suspension Bridge Trail follows a red Oak forest – the largest stand of red Oaks on the Niagara Escarpment.  The highlight of this moderate trail is the 420 ft. Suspension Bridge with spectacular unobstructed views of Collingwood and south Georgian Bay.  During the guided night hike, the twinkling lights of the region are breathtaking from this location.

Wild West Trail (1.5 km) Wild West Trail tracks through hardwood and softwood sections of the forest along rolling terrain.The furthermost trail, it is a hidden gem because it usually boasts the most undisturbed and deepest snow of the trail system.

Deep Woods Trail (2 km)
Deep Woods is the longest and one of the most popular trails. It begins at the Lookout Trail at the top of the Escarpment, past mature sugar maple trees, crossing several valleys and water crossings.  The trail ends at the Suspension Bridge.

Creekside Trail (.5 km) Creekside is an alternate route to the Suspension Bridge with access on both sides of the creek and to both sides of the Suspension Bridge.  Take the road less traveled and try to spot the waterfall on the east side of the creek.

O’Natural Trail (.3 km) O’Natural is the most popular route to the Suspension Bridge follows along the top of the valley edge. You’ll spot views of the Bridge before you.

Paradise Trail (1 km) Paradise is a popular, gentle trail which meanders through a young forest of apple trees, hawthorne and dogwood bushes, opening out to breathtaking hillside views of south Georgian Bay. Its unique location on the side of the hill makes it a key spot for identifying animal tracks. In particular, deer like to cross the trail back and forth along the hillside.  The trail also provides an alternative access to the Suspension Bridge.

Difficult – Expert Snowshoe trails

Ridge Top Trail (.5 km)
As suggested by its name, Ridge Top runs along the top of a ridge on the Niagara Escarpment. It passes through a mature 200 year old forest and past some of the airborne treetop walkways of the Eco Adventure Tour (not open during the winter).  Its southern exposure provides beautiful lookouts to the Osler Bluffs Ski hills. The winding trail features the most challenging downhill section of the property.

Ironman Trail (1 km)
Ironman is the most challenging and remote trail on the property.  Beginning with a brief steep climb, the rolling terrain passes through several different distinct groves. They range from mature oak and maple trees to younger birch and beech trees, mixed in with varying ages of apple, butternut and cherry trees.

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