How many of these have you observed?

Signs of Fall

Leaves change colour.Geese fly south - signs of fall

Sounds of crickets herald the autumn season.

Birds flock together and head south.

Only fragments of bird songs are now heard instead of the summer symphony.

Nights are cool; mornings are crisp.

Sunlight hours are shorter.

Frost appears.

Dried seed pods on plants.

Fruit ripening on various types of trees.

Ragweed/ goldenrod are blooming.

Achoo! It’s allergy season.

Pinecones are everywhere.Squirrels gather nuts - signs of fall

Cattails have dried – the brown flower head pops open, letting its fluffy seeds emerge.

Thistles have popped open.

Lots of acorns.

Squirrels are gathering and burying their nuts.

Pumpkins are ripening.

It’s apple picking season.

Mushrooms go into full bloom mode to spread their seed for the following year.

Conifers form waxy buds and begin to close needle pores.

Bees begin to hibernate inside their hives, sleeping through the winter.

Wasps begin to die off except for the queen wasp.Woolly bear caterpillar - Fall signs

Woolly Bear caterpillars start moving around as they look for places to overwinter.

Scots pine seeds ripen in cones.

Hazelnuts ripen, turning brown.

Ash trees have bunches of winged seeds called ‘keys’ that stay on trees for a while after the leaves have fallen.


What other signs have you seen?

Is Fall your favourite season?