A section of the trail of caves / caverns / crevasses will be closed due to maintenance.  Family explores caves, caverns, crevassees

The lower crevasse portion will be closed to visitors.

The upper trail and nature trail  leading to the Thunderbird Twin Zipline are available for hiking and viewing. This includes: Refrigerator Cave, Ice Cave, First View, Petun Trail, Lover’s Rest, Maiden’s Love, Signal Point and Council Chamber (view of Ekarenniondi). 

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Therefore as of October 5, 2017, we are offering $5 OFF general Park Admission.

The trail of caves/ crevasses / caverns will be open weather permitting, hopefully through November.  If you are concerned about the weather or travelling a distance, please call ahead to check availability of activities: (705) 446-0256