School group in caves

Adventure is your classroom at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures!

School students love exploring the outdoors while learning about:  nature, history, geology, weather, science and ecosystems.

Plan a “superbly natural” school field trip to the outdoors and connect to the living world around you.

Key Stuff for Schools

  • Activities are age + grade appropriate:  Elementary, Secondary and College level.
  • Our facility has been approved by Public and Catholic School Boards. Waivers are available.
  • Affordable group rates are available for groups of 20 + more.  See group pricing details on the main group page.School students
  • Activities fulfill badge requirements for Scouts/Guides.
  • Educational materials are available free of charge. + View education programs and resource materials
  • Plenty of picnic tables are located throughout the property.  The snack bar sells a variety of hot/cold foods, beverages and snacks.
  • Due to the natural state of the property and the technical requirements of the ziplines, we regret the park is not wheelchair accessible throughout.  Please consult with us regarding areas that might accommodate wheelchairs.

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Caves/Bridge , Mini Golf, Gemstone Mining Packages (all Grades)
Thunderbird Twin Zip Line Packages (Grade 8 and older)

Thunderbird Twin ZiplineExplore a self-guided tour of caves, caverns and crevasses.  Study the geological features carved millions of years ago by glacial ice. Examine the rare flora, fauna and undergrowth.  Discover the mysterious sacred places of the First Nation’s Huron Petun tribe.  Venture over a 420 ft. Suspension Bridge and view the spectacular 10,000 sq. km. geography of the area.  Sift through semi-precious gemstones using a panning tray with a screen bottom at the man-made water tower. 

Older adventurers can observe physics while soaring down the half-mile Thunderbird Twin Zip Line.  The adrenaline really begins to pump in anticipation as you leave the 50ft tower of the Thunderbird Nest. Next you and a friend are soaring down the longest twin zip spans in Ontario. Thunderbird’s new technology allows the rider to control their own speed and even stop and enjoy the views while suspended over the Escarpment.  On a clear day you’ll see Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach… even Christian Island and beyond!

Age/ Height/weight restrictions apply:  Riders must be at least 10 years and older. Height- minimum 4 feet to maximum 6 foot 10 inches ;Weight- minimum 50 lbs to a maximum 260 lbs. Waivers must be signed in advance.

School Subject Areas

Our outdoor educational offerings are experiential and stimulate imaginations at any level. 

Subject Areas:  History, Geography, Science & Technology, Phys Ed
Grade Levels: Grades 4-8 (prograGemstone Mining Adventuresms may be customized for younger/older students)
Program Length: 2-3 hours
Minimum Group Size: 20 participants
Maximum Group Size: 90 participants

Educational Materials for Schools

For Grades 4 – 8, we offer complimentary educational materials which have been written for teachers by teachers, and meet the expectations outlined in the Ontario Curriculum for Science.  Each unit includes lesson plans, ‘fun facts’ and work sheets. 

  1. Life Systems: Grade 4: Habitats and Communities, Grade 6: Diversity of Living Things, Grade 7: Interactions within Ecosystems
  2. Earth and Space Systems: Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals and Erosion, Grade 5: Weather, Grade 7: The Earth’s Crust, Grade 8: Water SystemsDisplay of types of trees signage

School Group Contact for Scenic Caves & Thunderbird Twin Zipline
Sherry Fiske, Scenic Caves Manager
(705) 446-0256 ext. 221

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Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures (Grade 8 and older)

Walk with the Squirrels and Fly with the Birds!

Guided by professional interpreters, the Eco Tour promises exercise, adventure and education.  Venture across southern Ontario’s longest 420 ft. Suspension Bridge, and view the panoramic geography of Georgian Bay and countryside from the highest point of the Niagara Escarpment. Treetop walk along gently swaying 10” wide airborne walkways, over six hundred meters linking eighteen trees.  At heights of up to sixty meters above the forest floor, learn about the plant and animal ecosystems particular to this UNESCO designated biosphere reserve.  Glide a 300 ft. forest zip line down to the caves & caverns to discover secret hiding places and hear about the legends of the First Nation’s Petun tribe.  The grand finale is a 1000 ft. escarpment zip ride where you drop a dizzying forty-eight meters from cliff top to earth.

Our goal is to inspire environmental stewardship and team-work by connecting young people with their natural environment.

Subject Areas:  History, Geography, Science & Technology, Phys Ed, Other
Grade Levels: Grades 8-12 (height/weight/age restrictions apply)
Program Length: 3 hours (minimum)
Minimum Group Size: 12 participants
Maximum Group Size: 75 participantsSecondary School Group

Age/Height/Weight Restrictions:Riders must be 10 years and older. Height:  4 feet tall or with someone who can reach 6 foot 2 inches high.  Weight: between 50 lbs and under 250 lbs. Waivers must be signed in advance.

School Group Contact for Eco Adventure Tours:
Chris Westbrooke, Eco Tour Manager
(705) 446-0256 ext. 227

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Scenic Caves Nordic Adventures (all Grade levels)

School kids snowshoeingWhen the temperature drops, connect to the great outdoors for the coolest learning adventures. Uniquely located high atop the mountain on 370 acres of the Niagara Escarpment, the Nordic Centre is situated in a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve.  Set in a 200 year old forest of 100 foot tall maple, beech and oak trees, our winter wonderland offers an excellent elevation for snow conditions and consistent temperatures.  Glide along 27 km. of cross country ski trails professionally groomed daily for both classic and skate skiing.  Snowshoe across Southern Ontario’s longest 420 ft. Suspension Bridge providing spectacular views of the countryside or explore the 8 km. of pristine snowshoe trails. All trails are well-marked and rated by level of difficulty.  Also available:  cross-country ski lessons, rentals of the newest brands in cross-country ski and snowshoe equipment, waxing facilities, warm-up chalet, snack bar.

Whether your students are trying a new winter sport, increasing skill levels or watching for wildlife, Nordic adventures offer an exhilarating outdoor experience.

Subject Areas:  History, Geography, Science & Technology, Phys EdSchool group
Grade Levels: Grades 4-12
Program Length: 2-3 hours
Minimum Group Size: 10 participants
Maximum Group Size: 75 participants

School Group Contact for Scenic Caves Nordic Centre
Chris Westbrooke, Nordic Centre Manager
(705) 446-0256 ext. 234

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School Testimonials

Students from all across the province visit Scenic Caves each year.  Here’s what educator Paul and students from St. Mathews School (Binbrook) said:

“I just wanted to express our thanks for such an amazing experience for the kids.  Your staff was incredible; kind, humorous, safe.  The students really connected with them in such a short time which really is a testament to the people you have on board.  I have to say that I overheard a conversation among some of my girls (who can be very difficult to please particularly with “outdoorsy” activities)  They were commenting among each other about how much better this trip was for their grad than something like Canada’s Wonderland.  The eco-adventure tour was something that they’ll remember for years to come.  Their one regret, however, was that they didn’t get to do the Twin Tower zipline or actually go into the caves due to timing.  Though, I also overheard a few students say that they were going to come back with their parents this summer!  That’s a great endorsement for the park that people would want to return.  On that note, this is an experience that I’ll share with my colleagues at other schools and it will also be on our list of repeat-experiences!”  

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