Proper running shoes/hiking boots are required at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures for your own safety. Please do not wear sandals, flip flops or open-toed shoes.

We do not rent footwear.

However, a wide selection of adult and youth shoes are available for purchase in the Gift Shop.


No equipment, no problem!

We have a large selection of X-country ski boot sizes, poles and skis (both classic and skate ski) for all ages. Even baby gliders/pulks for the wee ones.

Also, snowshoe rentals are available for both youth and adults(boots are not included). For your comfort, we recommend you wear boots which cover your ankles (and higher!). Lightweight, flexible hiking boots are okay. Running shoes are not preferred.

Another tip: depending on your metabolism, insulated socks or a double layer of socks will keep your feet warm, but be sure your shoes aren’t tight-fitting.

If you don’t have appropriate footwear, a limited supply of snowboots or cross country ski boots may be rented.

Baby Glider / pulkBaby gliders/ pulk sleds may also be rented for cross-country skiing on a first-come, first-served basis.

+ View a list of all the available rental equipment and rates.

Don’t forget to check out the winter clothing for sale in our Gift Shop.