Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, with a little preparation, you can create some excellent photographs while you visit Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.

The first thing that most photographers encounter in the Caves is that a camera lens attracts moisture. Warm the lens by wrapping a hand around the lens barrel. A lens tissue or cloth can also momentarily alleviate this problem.

Please do not venture off the trails and destroy the delicate environment you hope to document. Maximize your options by arming yourself with a zoom lens. If you must choose a single, fixed focal length lens, think wide. Many times, anything narrower than a 28-mm lens fails to completely capture the enveloping, three-dimensional nature of the landscape.

It is possible to get some really great shots out of the microchip generation of “instant” cameras. Probably the most important way you can help your camera is by feeding it the right film. You must control it with your choice of film speed, since you can’t control exposure when you snap the photo.

Use ASA 200 film for macro shots, pictures of small rooms and walls about 15 feet away, ASA 400 film will extend your range to about 20 feet. If most of the features you will photograph are large or darkly colored, choose a faster film. If you plan to focus on closer, smaller details consider shooting with ASA 100 or 64 film. Slower films have smaller grain and produce sharper images.