Children cross Southern Ontario's longest Suspension BridgeThe Suspension Bridge is an iconic showpiece at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.  The longest footbridge in Southern Ontario, it is 420 feet in length and stands 25 meters above the valley floor.

From a vantage point, over 300 meters above the Bay, visitors may view 10,000 sq. km. of countryside, from Blue Mountain to Collingwood, and across the Bay to Wasaga Beach, Christian Island, and the distant shores of the Penetanguishene Peninsula.

The bridge is extremely safe.  Lined by a wire fence with handrail, it is wide enough for two people to walk side by side. 

There can never be too many people on the bridge. It could hold the combined weight of a crowd of people packed in shoulder to shoulder and belly to back and stacked 4 high the entire length of the bridge.

Open for approximately 10 months a year (April and November are weather dependent), visitors hike across it during the green season and snowshoe across it during the winter season.

During the fall, the 200 year old forest surrounding the footbridge is ablaze with colour.

Crossing the Scenic Caves Suspension Bridge is a memorable and breathtaking experience any time of year!

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Suspension Bridge ConstructionCouple crosses suspension bridge on snowshoes

Suspension bridges tend to be the most expensive to build. Scenic Caves has spared no expense in the man-made construction which offers spectacular views of our UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The construction began quite simply with a hunting bow and a fishing line.

Read the fascinating story of how it was built and some reassuring facts about the engineering and construction.

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What is a Suspension Bridge?

A suspension is a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river, roadway, railway or gorge/cavern.Suspension Footbridge

It’s a type of bridge which uses cables suspended between high towers which are securely anchored to each end of the bridge.  The deck (floor where the visitor walks) is hung below the suspension cables.

The towers support the majority of the weight as compression pushes down on the suspension bridge’s deck and then travels up the cables, ropes or chains to transfer compression to the towers. The towers then transfer the compression directly into the earth.

History of Suspension Bridges

Suspension Bridges are one of the oldest types created by man. The first primitive suspension bridges were found in Asia and Africa and were made of twisted grass, hemp, bamboo, vines or rope.

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Further Information on Suspension Bridges

How Suspension Bridges are Made:

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