Pumpkin lattes, caramel apples, cranberries, cider, apple pies and turkey thighs.  Do these mouth-watering flavours taste like autumn to you?Fall spices

Fall spices and aromas offer that warm, magical feeling you crave when the weather begins to change. 

Did you know that the spices associated with the fall season also have many health benefits?

Fall Spices

Cinnamonfall spices - cinnamon

Cinnamon supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels by activating enzymes that stimulate cells, which helps the body to respond more effectively to insulin. 

Nutmegfall spices - nutmeg

Research has shown that nutmeg soothes indigestion and supports cognitive function to  ease sleeplessness, battle stress and promote oral health.

Clovesfall spices - cloves

Cloves have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, along with anti-clotting properties, which are good for arthritis and heart health.


Oregano is packed with antibacterial properties. It has vitamin K, iron, manganese along with many antioxidants which help battle illness and boost your immune system.

Gingerfall spices - ginger

Ginger is known for relieving nausea, but it also can boost your immune system and improve circulation.  Ginger gets the energy moving and juices flowing.

Other ways to spice up Fall

Other suggestions to add ‘spice’ to your fall are through outdoor adventures. 

Here some ways you can spice up your autumn at Scenic Caves!

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