Ski Trails for Classic and Skate Ski Styles

There are 27 km. of linked trails for both classic and skate skiers.  All trails except “Easy Peesy” are groomed for skate skiers.

Trails are rated by level of difficulty, length and are identified by colour.

Beginner Ski Trails

Easy Peesy (2.2km  loop – Classic only)

Easy Peesy is an easy beginner trail on gently rolling terrain designated for classic skiing (a bi-directional trail).  It is one of two beginner trails which access the trail system. The trail starts at the main building and passes through a young forest of predominately apple, ash and maple trees and leads into an older sugar bush with trees as old as 250 years.

Lemon Squeezy (1km + .5 warm up)

Lemon Squeezy is another easy/beginner friendly trail.  It is short, on flat terrain making it ideal for warming up/ or practicing technique for both classic and skate skiing.  The trail follows a young forest of apple, ash and maple trees.

Intermediate Ski Trails

Escarpment Run (3 km; Escarpment run shortcut is .4 km)

Escarpment Run is one of the most popular trails because of the moderate rolling terrain and downhill sections. You ski past a picturesque rock wall and through a hardwood forest of 100 foot tall oak, cherry, maple and ash trees.

Eagles Flight + Georgian View Return (5 km Skater in)

Eagles Flight also offers moderate rolling terrain and passes a picturesque limestone rock face.

Georgian View Return is the only return trail for skate skiers. It features three long downhills ranging from easy to moderate slopes. There are beautiful vistas visible through the trees into Collingwood and Nottawasaga Bay.

Lookout Point (1.1 km)

Lookout Point is an intermediate trail which leads to a beautiful lookout area where skiers can view Georgian Bay stretching from Christian Island to the north to as far south as Creemore and Duntroon. Though the majority of the trail is flat, there are some uphill and downhill sections of rolling topography. The warm up hut is available at this location on weekends and holidays.

North West Passage (3.5km)

North West Passage is an easy to intermediate trail popular with skate skiers, boasting some of the best sunset views on clear days. It is mainly flat terrain passing through a number of farm fields, following along side treelines between the fields. This trail is exposed to the elements because of the openness of the area and can be very rugged during windy and snowy days.

Wild Goose (1.7 km)

If you are looking for a few extra kilometers of skiing, Wild Goose is a moderately difficult trail through farm fields. This furthermost trail connects with the return route via one of the most challenging downhill sections. Much like the Northwest Passage this trail can be stunning during calm clear days but can be rugged during windy and snowy days.

Lost Goose (.8km)

Lost Goose is a moderately difficult trail loop which adds 1 km to your distance as well as one additional steep downhill.          

Advanced/Difficult Ski Trails

Logan’s Run (1.7km)

Logan’s Run is one of the most challenging trails. The major features of this trail are long uphills and fun winding downhills. The view from high atop the Niagara Escarpment reveals a north-facing angle of Georgian Bay.  From the other direction, it looks downward over the base of Blue Mountain and countryside.

Ridge Runner (2 km)

Ridge Runner is an advanced trail popular with skate skiers. It’s a great test of aerobic capacity thanks to the many short uphill and down hill sections. If you ski the downhill turns well, you will be rewarded on the next uphill.

Turkey Shoot (.1 km)

Turkey Shoot is an advanced trail only available for classic skiing. It is a challenging downhill because of the tight “S” bend at the bottom of the steepest pitch.

Murphy’s Run (1 km)

On Murphy’s Run the trail winds downhill for  ½ km. followed by a ½ km of steep uphill. It leads skiers past the bottom of the Thunderbird Twin Zipline (which is closed during the winter months).


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