Thunderbird Twin Zip Line


  • Soaring down Thunderbird Twin ZiplineAn adrenaline-pumping half mile twin zip line ride (two zip lines run side by side)
  • Ontario’s longest twin zip line (2550 feet long)
  • Soar like a bird !
  • Climb 50 feet up a spiral staircase to the Thunderbird nest
  • Twin Zip features a vertical drop of 287 feet
  • “Dynamically controlled” technology allows each rider to control their own speed…even stop if you choose to!
  • Rider can attain speeds of up to 70 km per hour
  • Experience a kaleidoscope of passing panoramic scenery from the top of the escarpment to the valley below.

How much time should I plan?Two females riding Thunderbird Twin Zipline

Thunderbird Twin Zip Line is located in the interior of the park. To access it, hike above the caves trails up to the top of the escarpment. Once you’ve reached the Thunderbird nest, allow approximately an hour to sign the waiver, outfit the gear, complete the training session and demo experience and the Twin Zip ride. The experience can last from 45 seconds …to several minutes.

Key Stuff

  • Guests must meet all three restrictions: height, weight and age.

  • Height & Weight restrictions: Height- minimum 48″ tall (4 feet) to maximum 82″ tall (6 foot 10 inches) ;Weight- minimum 50 lbs to a maximum 260 lbs.
  • Age Restrictions: Riders must be at least 10 yrs. old. Youth ages 10-15 must ride zipline with an adult.
    Youth Groups must be Grade 8 level and older.
  • Liability waver: All Thunderbird guests must sign a waiver. In the case of youths under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver. +Download the Thunderbird Twin Zip waiver
  •  All guests must pass a short demo and training session before riding the Thunderbird.
  • Reservations are not required.  Ticket sales for the Thunderbird Twin Zip close earlier than general park admissio
  • n.
  • Twin Zip Line operates weather-permitting. It may be closed due to thunderstorms, heavy winds and rain.
  • Running/hiking shoes are required (must be closed toe shoes).

  • Thunderbird Twin Zip Line Package includes Park admission to caves and suspension bridge. It is not available as a separate activity.
  • Eco Adventure guests may purchase a Twin Zip ride at an additional special rate (when it is operating). Tickets are available at the Eco Cabin.
  • Additional Twin Zip rides may be purchased after park admission.
  • Thunderbird Twin Zip does not operate during the winter.
  • Schedule: During July + August, Thunderbird Twin Zipline operates 7 days a week.
    In spring and fall, it operates Friday – Saturday – Sunday (+ holiday Mondays) until October 14, 2018.

+ Download the Thunderbird Twin Zip Waiver

The Adventure

The Thunderbird Twin Zip Line is our newest development.

The Twin Zip is located at the highest point of the Niagara escarpment. The adventure begins with a hike along the main trail. You can either explore the caves and caverns first, or hike straight to the Thunderbird Nest.

Thunderbird Twin Zip Training sessionYour Twin Zip experience starts with an introduction to the ZipTour® equipment brief training demonstration session and at the rustic “Look Out” cabin. You walk up a steep spiral metal staircase of the 50 ft. tower to the Thunderbird Nest. There are side-by-side cables for the entire ride and rider-controlled ZipTour® trolleys, which allow each rider to control their own speed.

The adrenaline really begins to pump, as you pull the handle down to freely become airborne. Next, you and a friend are flying where only birds can fly. The tree tops whiz by as you soar like a Thunderbird. On clear days, you will see magnificent views of southern Georgian Bay…Collingwood, the Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, even Christian Island and beyond.

Experiencing the ride with friends and family is an incredible thrill!Conquering the Thunderbird Twin Zipline

This attraction was designed and built by Zip Rider Inc. Several years in the planning, the new Thunderbird Twin Zip line completed construction in July 2012. There are two things that distinguish the ZipTour® from every other zip line product: the company builds the biggest ride spans in the world, and the patented “dynamically-controllable” ZipTour® trolley allows each rider to control their zip line ride speed. There are many zip line options around the globe but, until now, there has never been the technology in place that allows the participant to control their ride and enjoy a moment suspended over the Escarpment to savour the view.

Thunderbird Twin Zip puts the zipline experience in your hands…


Thunderbird Photo Gallery

Click here to view our YouTube video’s capturing the construction.