Scenic Caves is pleased to offer a complimentary education package for teachers and students. The program has been written for teachers by teachers, and meets the expectations as outlined in the Ontario curriculum for Science.

The free education packages are available for grades four through eight.  Your curriculum package includes lesson plans, ‘fun facts’, work sheets and information necessary to cover each unit.

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Strands & Topics – “Science and Technology”

Earth & Space Systems

Rock. There’s not much about that word to stimulate any kind of mystery. We use the phrase, “As solid as a rock” when we wish to describe the immobility of an object. But, is this phrase really accurate?

Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals and Erosion

Grade 5: Weather

Grade 7: The Earth’s Crust

Grade 8: Water Systems

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Life Systems

Earth is a unique place in the solar system. It is only one of nine planets (as far as we know) where life exists; Nothing exists alone. Everything is dependent on some other living or non-living factor.

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities

Grade 6: Diversity of Living Things

Grade 7: Interactions within Ecosystems

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