Suspension BridgeFamily crossing Suspension Bridge


  • A 420’ suspension footbridge- it’s Southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge.
  • Lined by a wire fence with handrail, it is wide enough for two people to walk side by side.
  • 25 meters above the valley, savour spectacular views of Georgian Bay and the surrounding countryside.
  • On a clear day, you can see 10,000 square kilometres.
  • Light adventure…it is flexible and moves with the wind and your weight as you cross it.

How much time should I plan?

The walking trail to the bridge takes approximately 45 minutes from the main gate, depending on which trail you choose. Allow extra time to visit the caves and caverns.
Or, if you prefer, the country tractor/wagon ride from the main entrance to the bridge takes approximately 10 minutes, each way. During the Fall it operates on weekends only, until October 14, 2018.

 Key Stuff

  • Running/hiking shoes required.
  • Safe! The iconic bridge arch is supported by two steel towers, attached by anchors, embedded in foundations, with chain cables attached to the deck planks and tension bottom cables below.Suspension Bridge in early fall
  • Walk the trails to it, or take a ride on the tractor/wagon .
  • Park Admission includes access to Caves and suspension bridge.
  • The bridge is open year-round. In the winter, the snowshoe trails cross over it.

The Adventure

A Bold Journey
Expect all the excitement of a daring crossing – a walkway high above the ground, the sensation of being suspended in space, the slight shiver of the wind beneath your feet.
You step slowly onto the platform and grip the handrail tightly. A gust of wind sends tremors down the rail and up through the deck. You venture across the 126 meter (420 foot) footbridge.

An Unparalleled Vista
420 ft. Suspension BridgeThrough the trees, you catch glimpses of the valley floor far beneath your feet. But it seems you’re suspended even higher in the air. Far below, Georgian Bay sparkles in the sunlight, and spread before you lies a 10,000-square-kms view.
From your vantage point, over 300 meters above the Bay, you gaze down Blue Mountain toward Collingwood, and across the Bay to Wasaga Beach, Christian Island, and the distant shores of the Penetanguishene Peninsula. You try not to think that a mere 8 centimeters of timber is all there is between you and the ground.
Free of the earth, suspended high above the ground, you have the most spectacular view possible of Georgian Bay and the surrounding countryside. With a sturdy wire fence lining the walkway, even the smallest adventurer can see everything.

We’ve spared no expense in building this footbridge.

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