Gemstone MiningActivities-Gemstone Mining


  • Water flows from a man-made tower, through various drops and turns of a wooden sluiceway. Using a panning tray with a screen bottom, you sift through the mining rough to discover various gemstone treasures.
  • You receive one gembag of sand (each bag is guaranteed to include an arrowhead) and an ID card with pictures of the 25 possible minerals you might discover.

How much time should I plan?Gemstone Mining

This activity takes approximately 30 minutes.

Key Stuff

  • Enjoyable for young and old.
  • Additional mining bags are available.
  • The gemstone water tower is located beside the main entrance.  You do not go into the caves to mine.
  • Gemstone Mining may be purchased as an additional activity after Park Admission.
  • Open spring to fall.

The Adventure

Travel back in time to the days of the Klondike. Try your hand at panning for mineral treasures. Enjoy the rush of rushing water sluicing for quartz crystal, gold ore, amethyst, and many other beautiful semi-precious gemstones to take home. Though the jewels you uncover are not indigenous to our caves, we guarantee a “major strike” hidden in every bag of sand.Girl smiling while gemstone mining

Not only is it great summer fun – it’s educational. The Mineral information card is a great reference for future school projects.

Don’t forget to check out our Gift Shop which sells other memorable treasures.

Gemstone Mining Adventure Video