Scenic Caves Nature Adventures Suspension Bridge“Scenic Caves Nature Adventures” says it all ! Nature, light adventure, history, geology and year-round activities.

In 1850, when an intrepid visitor journeyed up Blue Mountain and left his initials in the cave known today as Fern Cavern, the trip would have been an adventure indeed. Now, owner Rob Thorburn is working to build on that heritage with even more exciting activities at the popular attraction. Scenic Caves offers more than simply thrilling caves… more than spectacular scenery and awe-inspiring views… more than unspoiled nature.

“Today, we offer a lot more than the Scenic Caves of yesteryear, and we wanted our name to reflect that,” says Thorburn. “Now we’re Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.”

Natural History

All the way back to 450 million years ago, (the Ordovician era) to the present day, Scenic Caves Nature Adventures has a deep a rich history.

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Company Information

At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, we offer our visitors a unique opportunity to experience our natural wonders through education, environment and leisure .

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Facts & Stats

View all the details about Southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge and the Thunderbird Twin Zip Line.

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Are you interested in more tourism information and about all the other attractions located in the surrounding area? We’ve compiled a list of links to point you in the right direction.

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Awards & Recognition

Over the years Scenic Caves Nature Adventures has been the recipient of a number of National, provincial and regional awards.

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